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1. Year End Awards are earned by American Saddlebred (ASB) horses in the performance classes, and by riders in equitation classes. Exception: Any breed of horse is eligible to compete in the Open Pleasure classes.

2. To qualify a horse; its owner(s) must be a member of Minnesota Saddlebred Horse Association (MSHA) and have paid a recording fee. If the recorded owner is a corporation and the corporation joins MSHA, the principal officer of the corporation will be considered a member of MSHA.

3. In the case of non family multiple ownership, all owners must be members of MSHA and all must have paid a horse recording fee.

4. To qualify an equitation rider; the rider must be a member of Minnesota Saddlebred Horse Association and have paid an equitation rider recording fee.

5. Recording fee must be paid per horse for performance classes, or per rider participating in equitation classes.

6. Points earned before the recording fee is paid will not be counted. However, if an award class is added by MSHA during the show season, points for that class will be counted for all shows during that season provided that the recording fee is paid before the season ends.

7. Only the points earned at Minnesota Saddlebred Horse Association-approved shows held in Minnesota will be counted.

8. In order for points to be accumulated, a horse (or rider in equitation classes) must place at a minimum of three qualifying Minnesota shows.

9. Points will be counted in championship classes only if the class is not restricted.

10. Points will be counted as follows:  

Number of Horses                      Points for Each Placing

                                                    1st  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th


6 & over                                      6       5      4     3     2     1

5                                                  5      4      3      2     1

4                                                  4      3      2      1

3                                                  3      2      1

2                                                  2      1

1                                                  1          

11. Points will be recorded for these classes:

(a) Five Gaited 

(b) Three Gaited 

(c) Three Gaited Park (Full Mane & Tail) 

(d) Park Pleasure 

(e) Fine Harness 

(f) Show Pleasure, English 

(g) Country Pleasure, English 

(h) Equitation 

(i) Pleasure Equitation 

(j) Walk & Trot Equitation 

(k) Walk & Trot Pleasure 

(l) Hunter Country Pleasure

(m) Open English Pleasure 

(n) Open Western Pleasure

(o) Open Hunter Pleasure

(p) Saddlebred Model

(q) Open Pleasure Driving

(r) Open Breed Pleasure W/T/C Single Bit

(s) Open Breed Pleasure W/T Single Bit

Amateur | Open | Junior Exhibitor

Amateur | Open | Junior Exhibitor

Amateur | Open

Amateur | Open

Amateur l Open

13 & Under | 14-17 | 18-48 | 49 & Over

Driving | Junior Horse | Five Gaited

13 & Under | 14-17 | 18-48 | 49 & Over

Driving | Western | Five Gaited

13 & Under | 14-17 | 18 & Over

13 & Under | 14-17

12 & Under

12 & Under

13 & Under | 14- 17 | 18 -48 | 49 & Over

12. Additional award classes must be nominated by a minimum of five Minnesota Saddlebred Horse Association members and accompanied by a fee equal to one-half the cost of the first year’s award trophy.

13. If a show does not offer Junior Exhibitor 3-Gaited or 5-Gaited, points from the Amateur class may count towards the youth class. 

Updated March 2022

Points Table